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to add luster, sparkle, impart color or color -travel effects, and provide coverage. 


Our color travel pigments display exciting color shifting effects depending on the viewing angle. 


All our color travel pigments are derived from a demanding, precisely-controlled manufacturing process in which each component, from substrate to single coating layers, plays a significant role in the final

performance of the pigment.

Most of our colortravel are based on synthetic mica whose production  is integrated secured and controlled for heavy metals

The  colorful cast of pigments may be used in all cosmetic products. We focus on innovations and unique effects to keep path with highly demanding consummers 



Our Glitter offers high brilliance and a fabulous reflection. The versatility, quality and durability of our iridescent, holographic and aluminium glitters  allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications from cosmetics

The range is available in a large  variety of  colours and each colour is available in 16 different particle sizes starting from 50 µm  up to 3.20 mm. Our glitters  are light , water and solvent resistant, non-toxic and heat stable up to a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.


Our new  biodegrable glitters are  eco-friendly alternatives to glitter (plastic-based glitter).  It has been developed and continues to be developed, to tackle the part of microplastic pollution created by glitter.



ThermochromIC Photochromic

Our microcapsules technologies

display thermochromic and photochromic  properties offering changing colors upon temperature and light intensity with reversible effects.

One new microcapsule has an INCI name and thus is suitable for cosmetic applications. 

Microcapsules of 1-15 microns are BPA and melanine formaldehyde free;

Color changing can be controlled as low as 0.5°C variation.

Compatible with numerous processes extrusion, spray drying, fast blending.


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