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Decorative technologies 

To provide stunning effects and inspirations to your formulations and to deliver visual release of ingredients and performances  


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Amazing colors are high concentrated pigments microcapsules. the internal color is efficiently masked by external color. Only when you apply on skin, the internal color is amazingly released and mixed with external color to result to the final color desired.

Spherical beads cellulose and sugar made of large range of colours, aspects and sizes.

A new generation of colour changing beads is based on a unique technology to create new metamorphosis effects in your white emulsions and creams.


Capsulets is a microencaspulation, a process which guarantees perfect control over the amount of one unique oil drop, oil dispersing slurry , wax or W/O  emulsion


 Petals & SOFTLETs

 Petals are flake or silk forms micro-encapsulated impressionism flower and stamen for cosmetics.


Petals contain natural gel, polymer, colorants and actives. 

Petals are packed in water to keep fresh and intact.

Compared with traditional natural flower petals are are more pure and cleaner. They can easily break and dispersed during application on skin.

Softlets are aqueous gel wet microcapsuleswith polymers, pearls and high content of  hydrophobic active inside. Various color of softlets also bring different textures skin silky, smooth and soft.  

Colorlets & SilicaleTS

Colorlets are Colorful micropsheres capsules which is a delivery system containing hydrophobic or hydrophilic actives ( frangrance, pigment, vitamins or anti-aging actives.

Colorlets become soft with  water contact but the spherical shape remain for smooth application on skin.

Colorlets are suitable for transparent and semi transparent gels, shampoos  lotions , cream and toothpastes.

Silicalets are high colored silica beads with different sizes and hardness. They provide gentle and effective exfoliation in facial cleansers, shower gels, hand and foot scrubbing and tooth pastes.

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