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to meet the highest purity standards

Organic and Inorganics Pigments


 Koel Colours Pvt. Ltd. since1991,  has emerged as a leading supplier of superior quality of colours for personal care,cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries.

Inorganic pigments iron oxides, manganese oxide to vegetable carbon blacks

Water soluble  and oil soluble colours to D&C and FD&C  lakes pigments

New and unique Dispersions of water based pigments


A large range of  non staining , no polluant and non toxic colourants

An innovative mattifying technology leading to transparent effect, natural and matt look, zero gloss, skin and superior surface smothness



Koel Colours uses technologies to improve use of colours in a large variety of applications

Dust free Carbon Black granules to reduce dispersion time and cost and a very intense jet black iron oxide

Ready to use pre dispersed pigments in large range of medium for lipstick

Highly specialized portfolio of pre-dispersed gels to achieve optimum rehological properties for aqueous and non aqueous formulations to give excellent skin fill,  shear thining effect and smooth application on surface

New generation of surface treatment of pigments  to provide super soft velvet touch, very stable and strong  bonding of the pigment with the support resulting in easy dispersability and 100% coverage of surface treatment 

A non nano inorganic UV blocker with no patch on skin and for good spread

and feel to add sun care to make up, foundation and daily skin care



Logo Ferro HD_CMYK (1).jpg

Nubiola Ferro is the world's largest producer of Ultramarins pigments.


High purity grade and controled heavy metals to comply with cosmetic regulation in US, Japan, Brazil , China and Europe


Bright colors and some unique shades  blue, violet and pink

Production and  first class application laboratory in Spain

Ultramarines are authorized  in all cosmetic products eye, nail, hair, lip ( except US) and facial

Ease of dispersion in water based, oil based and press powder formulations


Insolubility in water and organic solvents

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